Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wii Love the Holidays

My holiday season started off a bit early this year with an invitation by Nintendo to check out the Wii Fit.

While there are plenty of video games that get played regularly in my house, my last interaction with a game console may have been an Atari 2600 and included a mastery of Ms. Pac Man.

I was so excited to try out the Wii and honestly if I were a more paranoid person I'd think that Nintendo sought me out because they knew how much I could benefit from the Wii Fit.

What? I can't still blame this extra "baby weight" on my almost 5 year old?!

Well let me just tell you the Wii Fit ROCKS!!

Okay so I don't love that your personal avatar reflects your "fitness age," but damn if that isn't motivation to keep working out.

I'm just lucky mine doesn't have to use a walker.

And I'd probably be in better shape already if I could get my kids and the hubs off of it.

Can't tell you how much it warms a mother's heart to hear her 4 year old trash talk his dad.

"Come on old man, let's see what you can do with some skis."


Working with Nintendo truly has been a pleasure.

They hosted a terrific party for me and some friends to try out the Wii Fit.

Devra came prepared with cool shoes--perfect for Wii Fitting

Goon Squad Sarah checks it out.

Kimberly, our resident fitness guru, took it all in.

They brought in three consoles, big screen TVs and yummy food and drinks.

The women who came along to show us how to use it didn't laugh at me too hard when I made the little avatar do things they had never seen before.

And I know they'll remember that party for a while if not for the amazing company but for our new puppy who got so excited that she peed on the floor and then sprayed one of them in the face with it as she furiously wagged her tail (thank god for dog people).

As a matter of fact, I have proof of how cool Nintendo really is.

They have given me a Wii and Wii Fit and Balance Board
to give away
to one lucky reader.

Here's how the ole contest is going to work:

  • Leave a comment below by 12AM Friday, December 5 (that's midnight Thursday)
  • In your comment, tell us how a Wii Fit will become part of your lifestyle
  • The five best comments will be selected by me and Kris and then posted on this site on Friday, December 5.
  • The final winner to be selected by a vote of you the readers. Voting will be closed at 12 AM Sunday, December 7
  • You must include an email address in your comment, so we can contact the winner.
  • Nintendo will send the Wii and Wii Fit with Balance Board directly to the winner within two weeks of receiving the name of the winner from me.
  • Extra credit for making us laugh and laugh hard


Busy Mom said...

Pick me! Pick me!

Seriously, I have got to do something about getting in shape, especially since I agreed to climb a mountain in June.

I'd rather not have a heart attack doing it.

I tried the Wii Fit at BlogHer and I fell in love.

It would be something I could do at night after the kids go to bed, and more importantly, it would keep my interest and help me develop an exercise habit.

CharmingDriver said...

I would love a Wii Fit! I have about 30 mins in the morning between getting the girls up and ready for school and the boys getting up; now you know I love every one of those terrible children but it would be nice to have some ''me/wii'' time in the morning with the added bonus of possibly making my ass not hit ankles when walking upright!!

Sue Doe-Nim said...

Pick me.

My husband won't let me buy a Wii and I practically had to blow him on a street corner to get a puppy... which I killed and then I got another dog, which I gave away...

Just pick me, because then I can stay home and eat pot brownies instead of getting high at the pastor's house.

*Yeah, I confessed to puppy-cide, bad parenting and recreational narcotics... I win, hand it over.

liv said...

First of all, I'd like to go for the fantastic sympathy Wii angle:


(now that we've dispensed with that *cough* minor detail, I shall continue...)

Once upon a time I was SUPPOSED to attend this MammaLoves party AND a terrible catastrophe befell me and it led to great gnashing of teeth and rending of garments--or wait, maybe my pants split because of my pre-holiday, post BlogHer binge fest?!

I need this Wii a) because I only currently work out because I get paid to, and in this economy, everyone is cutting back on personal trainers/yoginis and buying moonshine or cheap beer. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS WILL DO TO MY SPRITELY, crepey handbag of babyfat that is being toted up front? Well, let me tell you! It will fill out and then look like I'm pregnant again, and then I'll never get dates, and then I'll never get the chance to bag an old, rich dude due to die at any moment, leaving me everything and and and...

2...errr...b)! my kids think I'm too perfect. srsly. I mean, if I could get so hooked into a gaming system thereby allowing me to forsake all household duties to include, but not limited to: housework, cooking, laundry, landscaping and litter box scooping then they would finally see me as the vulnerable human woman who I really am. fragile. really.

c) man bait. the whole health yada ya notwithstanding, I believe that if I could win this Wii, and be a hooker at Best Buy long enough, I'd have a HUGE TV and a gaming system. Everyone knows that the Nintendo Wii is awesome man bait. Again, single mama good finally score a date...and if she could stay home and jump on that balance board-y thing-y with a dude, then she wouldn't have to pay a sitter.

see? the casa de madness will simply fall apart without a Wii.

madnessisay (at) gmail (dot) com

Nancy said...

I would love to win this.

Having lost over 48lbs in the past year, I need to exercise away the last (and hardest)of the junk N stuff.

Yes, my flibbles jibble ... I need to tone and tighten!

It won't gather dust, I promise, I'll use it.

Gunfighter said...

Well, you have seen me in my rotundity, so you KNOW that I can benefit from this thing... and using a wii fit has got to be better for my surgically shredded knee, right?

Think of all the love I could get at home, just for bringing this thing home (without having to pony up any cash!). I mean, my kid would love it... she'd be a stronger soccer player if she had one of these things. Oh, and my wife would love it. I'd be poplular (at least for a few minutes) with one of these things in the house.

Oh, and my birthday is Saturday. C'mon, that has to be worth something, right? What more does a fat, turning-45-years-old man need to do?

Besides, you like me... I'm a swell guy... the salt of the earth and all of that.

(That ought to do it, right?)

Nicole said...

When its cold and rainy outside
All I want to do is run and hide!
Not ski, or bike or swim or run
Watching TV is much more fun!
As I watch and just plain sit
I know that little black dress won't fit!
Putting it on will cause a huge rip
and I won't get to eat that great spinich dip!
That is why I need the wii fit you see!
To make me as fit as I can be!!

I hope you liked that little poem =)

thordora said...

Man, I've been staring at those longingly for awhile, but alas....I'm WAYYYYYY north in Canada, so exercise for a winter hater like me-HARD TO COME BY. Normally I walk 10k plus a week, but once the snow and -25C hits, now way.

It would be awesome to have a tool for myself AND that kids that's fun and gets up breathing a little heavier...(wow, that sounded WRONG)

So pick the Canadian. I beg of you. :)

kirida said...

I have been oogling the Wii and Wii Fit for months but I have two things working against me: 1) I can't justify the expense, not even as a Christmas gift, birthday gift or OMG-I-Deserve-It! present and 2) My husband doesn't believe in video games. He thinks they're going to cause our two-year-old to go into a video-game coma where his first conversations will be cheat codes and game strategies rather than imaginative stories about alligators and lions.

But I know better. The Wii is not one of those sedentary machines that just ask you to punch a guy or steal a car. From what I've seen, the Wii and the Wii Fit are as much a full body experience as any game can get. This is what I want my husband, who has knee problems and needs a better diet, to see, that this isn't just another trend. He's seen my workout fads like the time I bought the DVD with the Belly Dancing twins, but all I ended up doing was watch the special features because they danced with swords!

I know that once this is in our house, it will change our family unit. My husband can shed pounds in our own home. Our toddler will learn that not all games are about auto theft or dudes fighting to the death. And I'll be able to help my medical condition: Junk in the Trunk.

ramonahickey (at)

jodifur said...

Wow, I want this soo much I'm salivating.

I'm a recovering gym rat. I used to be in the gym 5-6 times a week. Since the lupus diagnosis and all the doctors appointments it's getting harder and harder to get there and I would love a way to work out in my home that my 3 year could participate and it could be fun for everyone! Not just mommy trying to fit the gym into her already jam packed schedule!

decaturcomp said...

What a brilliant product!

My son Matt and I have been following it since it was first available in Japan only (search for some Japanese language You Tube vids to get an idea.) I'm 56 my son is 12. He and my lovely wife and I do lots of family activities. We all agree this is a great way to get some exercise on days when it is too wet or cold to go for our bike rides or hikes.

Isn't it great that someone made a video game that you DON'T sit down to play? It's like Dance Dance Revolution grew up and got more serious than you can be listening to 'you spin me round round baby round round, like a record baby.'

Thanks for the contest, I'm posting in the hope that mammamightlove keeping a family on their toes.

SUEB0B said...

I'm 47. I work at a desk job. I'm overweight. And my knees are starting to make funny noises.

The worst part is that I work at a company that helps people to become healthy and fit, so my sloth really stands out in the crowd. Our president talks about her weight loss goals on our company intranet (10 lbs woo hoo!).

I need a Wii Fit to help me get in shape and to lose weight AND to help create the culture of health we are always talking about at work. I would like to install it at my nephew's house, since I don't have a TV. That way he and his wife and son can use it too - he is an accountant who commutes 1 hour each way to work and she works in a radiology office and is a mom who just had her second child. I think it would be great family bonding.

TZT said...

I tried to join the gym closest to my house earlier this year, but they wanted me to do algebra in order to join. I also think the woman who worked there was trying to hypnotize me into paying for a year but then never actually showing up.

I've been convinced I should get a Wii Fit ever since.

I would use it before my son wakes up in the morning, and to get me off my butt in between writing tweets and blog posts. I'd like to get rid of this extra chin flab so I'm not ashamed to be seen on Skype.

De in D.C. said...

My 8yo is a bookworm. While I love that he enjoys a good tale, he does so at the expense of almost any physical activity in his life. He flatly refuses to attempt to learn how to ride a bike, and won't go to the local playground (Ever!) to see if there are any kids who want to play. He refuses to go on family walks, and if we drag him along, he is so grumpy and rude that he ruins the experience for everyone.

Last year when he broke his arm and needed surgery to reset it, we borrowed my sister's Wii for a few weeks to try and keep my son entertained. He fell in love with the system, and for months kept asking when we could borrow it again from Aunt Jenny. Given his refusal of any type of physical activity, I've been hesitant to let him play video games. I want him to get up and move! Video games would not help in this regard... unless it was a game specifically designed to encourage activity. I think that a Wii Fit would be a wonderful addition to our household and might actually help my son get up and active.

(And who am I kidding. My 8yo isn't the only one in the house that needs more exercise; just look at his mom!)

muffy jorn said...

I've been coveting a Wii Fit for some time! I have rheumatoid arthritis, so I cannot do things like run or sometimes even walk far. From what I have seen, the Wii Fit had low and no impact activities which would be awesome to help me lose the weight gained because of meds to treat my RA, including steroids.

I would love a Wii Fit! Thank you for the opportunity.


margalit said...

Not to one up anyone but...


Disabled due to a genetic heart problem and congestive heart failure. Living in New England where it is VERY COLD and cold is very bad for my heart. So going outside to exercise is a no-no during the winter. Hence my incredible need for a Wi and a Wi Fit, so I could continue my weight loss (70 lbs and counting) while building up my heart muscle.

Also because both of my kids are ADHD rockets bouncing off the wall and a bit of exercise might make them more amenable to acting like normal human beings instead of space shuttles taking off for Mars.

In summary, need exercise, need to strengthen heart, need to calm kids down, need Wi and Wi Fit to be free due to fixed income. Because I'm a real sob story. :-)

Katja said...

I have been wanting the Wii Fit for such a long time, caressing it at Walmart, sighing when seeing the TV commercials. I've watched YouTube videos of people playing their Wii Fit and begged invitations to friends houses who have it. I ski during the winters, but I'm not much of a summer sports girl, and Wii Fit would help me to ski all year round & stay in shape so I'd be ready to hit the slopes when the season starts. I work from home, and if I had Wii Fit I would do fun exercising at home, take more breaks from working & feel more energized.

But enough of me... My whole family of five would love the family time playing together with Wii Fit - in this economy the dance classes & soccer teams are off our budget, we are lucky if we can take the whole bunch to ski this year. Kids would probably enjoy playing the Wii Fit with parents better too than going to their own hobbies.

Schmutzie said...

I am turning 36 this month, and, let me tell you, my regimen of sitting on the couch, slouching in an office chair, and napping on a yoga mat is not making my entry into the late thirties as hot as it could be. I work from home in a snowbound wasteland that has temperatures that dip below -40F, which makes getting out for daily walks and jogs unlikely, and my butt? My butt needs your help. It's doing that middle-aged slide/disappearing act, and I just don't want to have to invest in a butt bra, especially when the present economy has made one unaffordable. I would hate to have to experiment with pantyhose and rolled up socks. Help me make 2009 the year of the Schmutzinator, will you? Please and thank you.

Leslie said...

Recently, when John & Kate Plus 8 was coming on and my daughter Julia saw a photo of Kate near to bursting with sextuplets, she said, "Mommy! That looks like your belly!" And that got me thinking that maybe I might be just a little bit overweight.

So, I'm on week three of eating right and exercising and I've lost a few pounds, but my back fat still jiggles during sex.

Actually, right now, my ideal weight is a lesser number than the amount I have to lose (which makes it pretty easy to figure out that I weigh as much as a normal family of three). I have a long way to go.

I could really use this Wii Fit.

Please, pick me!

Jiggly Back Fat Leslie said...

P.S. My e-mail address is admin (at)

Quiet Mom said...

I got my husband the Wii for father's day and it desperately needs the wii fit so I can use it more often too.

Plus the fact that I could use some fun motivation to loose about 40 pounds - this sounds like just the ticket!

Miss Britt said...

Dude, a contest? I have to be CREATIVE???

Great. So now I'm fat AND boring.


(I still totally want a Wii Fit.)

Astrogirl426 said...

Why do I want a Wii Fit? So I can kick Neilochka (of Citizen of the Month)'s ass.

Seriously. He's a tall guy. He's not terribly "built", so in that department I might be able to hold my own, but he's got a good 8 or so inches on me in height, so I'm going to have to become ninja-like in my stealth and power in order to overcome his advantage.

Plus, he's from New York City, so you KNOW he fights dirty. Biting, scratching, hair-pulling - I'm sure he does it all. A few months on the Wii Fit and I know I can take him.

I know he's going to enter this contest, so if he reads this, let me just say, "THAT'S RIGHT NEIL - IT'S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!"

Oh, and I also have a high school reunion coming up, so you know, there's that whole "look incredibly hot so the girls who were mean get insanely jealous and the boys who wouldn't ask me out kick themselves for their stupidity".

Yep, kicking ass and making other people jealous (ok, and MAYBE to get healthy and fit, yadda yadda yadda). That's why I want to win.

Shashi Bellamkonda said...

I was at the Target and was going to buy a Wii and then saw your tweet and so I decided to comment here instead :)

You know this is one product that everyone in my family agrees we should have.

You may as well make me live longer as the Wii improves my health :)

You rock.



Scribbit said...

I think wii needs to get into the housework line and produce some programs where you can do virtual housework--you know, virtual vacuuming and virtual ironing.

Then I'd feel much more productive while I'm playing video games :)

Okay maybe not, but we've sworn we'd never have a video game in our home and the wii has been able to make us rethink our policy. We'd like to get one to see if it's really all that.

Tricia Mumby said...

WiiFit! WeeLoveit! I've been afraid to have one due to my addictive personality disorder :o) I played bowling once on a friend's wii and turned into a competitive addictive monster. Serioulsy. My kid went to bed in her clothes cuz "mama is BOWLING - people!"

However - at least the wii fit serves a useful and flab-blasting purpose! I have flab to blast! I just couldn't justify bowling - but this is practically a prescription!

So in summary, pick me! pick me! At least if my kid has to learn to pour her own milk on her own cereal, it'll be for a good purpose!

Ugga Mugga said...

Well, I just gave birth to my third child on November 14 and I live is Wisconsin where we just got 8 inches of snow yesterday...winter is here. So I need to lose weight and I can't go outside...which means that I can either use a Wii and Wii Fit in my house or I'll be wearing maternity clothes until a thaw in late April 2009. Please, oh please don't make me do that!!!

And as an added bonus, perhaps my two older children could also use the Wii to get out some built up winter steam since they also can't get outside to play much with my constantly nursing a baby. Oh, and did I mention I homeschool?

We certainly could use the excitement of winning a Wii...and the added benefit of exercising!

Thanks for your consideration.

Ilina said...

Remember in grade school gym class there was the runt of a geeky little girl who was always picked dead last every single time? That was me. Kids audibly laughed at me and jeered me on the field. I was pummeled in dodge ball and knocked off the damn knotted rope we had to climb. I was too short to jump, too scrawny to wrestle, too weak to hang with flexed arms. I was the stuff that Hollywood writers would have a heyday with.

But with the new Wii Fit gym class has been redefined. Those kids who relentlessly teased me 30 years ago are probably mushy around the mid section and can't touch their toes now. Redemption, here I come!

Seriously, I have been afraid of sports and exercise my whole life because of the teasing I endured. Using a Wii Fit will be my own little divine justice to show those means girls who grew up to be a hottie, albeit a petit one.

Pick me! Pick me!

Sue Doe-Nim said...

Edited to add that I live in Los Angeles and at 38 I'm not only well past my prime but my husband films cheerleaders for a living AND I can't afford a tummy tuck.

This girl needs a firm ass or I'll have to come move in with you.

Neil said...

My tale is a sad one, so you better sit down for this one. It also might disqualify me from this contest, because the truth is I already bought a wii and a wii fit, back in the old days when it was so limited that you had to wait for an email alert to tell you that it was available. For a few months, my life was complete and I was happy for the first time. I played tennis, bowling, and even got my aggression out of my system with some wii boxing. But then my wife, Sophia, fell in love with the Wii Fit. She became obsessed with it. This was a woman who had a membership to a gym for 10 years, but never walked inside, and now she had found the ultimate fitness friend -- the wii. Every day, I now found her exercising, her wii "age" decreasing daily. Our lives were never the same. One evening, I came home and found that the entire coffee table had been permanently moved into the garage. The Wii platform stood in the middle of the room, facing the TV, as if it was a religious shrine. The couch was covered with exercise clothes, towels, bottle water, and wii "numchucks." Sophia was jumping up and down, furiously.

"Hey, how about we have sex tonight?" I asked my beautiful wife.

"Not now!" she yelled, her eyes focused on the screen, "I'm in the middle of Dance Dance Revolution!"

I had lost her to a Wii.

A few weeks later, we separated. I moved to New York. She got the house, the TV, the car, and the Wii. I got... well, I got nothing.

I became depressed. I was living with my mother in Queens. At night, I would just eat cake and ice cream and bagels and pizza. And that was just for dinner. I would continue to snack all night as I watched these annoying girlflicks on Lifetime with my mother. Ironically, I would be the one crying at the end when the woman learned that the plumber she fell in love with was really a graduate of Harvard Law School.

Yesterday, in a dream, I saw my future -- and it was not a happy one. I was out of shape, still blogging for no pay, still watching Lifetime movies, and still living with my mother. It was a wake-up call. I looked at my pasty naked body in the full length mirror (first making sure my mother wasn't home, because that would be embarrassing), and decided it was time for me to get into shape. It was time for me to reclaim ME! (to be said in a very Oprah-esqe way)

But how? I thought of jogging, but it is December... and freezing outside. I could ask Sophia for joint custody of the Wii, but I didn't have the money for the legal fees. And I KNOW she would fight for it.

But I need to get back into shape. For my self-confidence. For my health. For the stamina to make love to a woman for hours like I used to do in my twenties (I'm just throwing that in, hoping to appeal to MommaLoves, who I know has a dirty mind, so I figure it will give me some brownie points). I wish I had the money to buy another wii and wii fit. But, you know, with the economy and all. Thank God Obama was elected who will solve everything! I am sooo glad that I voted for him and was one of his earliest supporters. Of course, that does not mean that several of the other commenters, who voted for McCain, should be dismissed from this contest. That would be un-American. But I am just saying.

Fiesty Charlie said...

First let me bow down before the great give away Goddess (that would be YOU)and pay my respects... Ut oh, now I am stuck in a bowing position.

Oh well, nice shoes, where did you get them?

I could never wear shoes like that, because one they are way to pretty for me, and two both my knees are shot. I would break my neck.

Wait... sorry spasm in my lower back, because I am so out of shape.

I did not used to be like this, a long time ago I was rather buff so to speak. I was working as an EMT, out saving lives.... then one day, my knees stopped working as well as they once did and boom, my career was kaput.

A few surgeries later and I am at least able to walk, but not much more especially in cold, damp weather.

I am not going to look you in the eye and lie, mainly because at the moment all I can see are your shoes, because my back gave out...

I know there are many people more deserving than me, who should win this Wii.

I just want it, and unlike the people in Walmart, I am not willing to trample over others to get it. After all it is just a game. A game that might allow me to regain my buff status, and help me lose the weight that plagues my very existence.

A game that might allow me to regain my buff status, lose the weight that plagues my existence and might help me make a few friends, even if they just want to be my friend to play my Wii.

I will say that if I don't win the game, I can always get a job as a butler I guess, an overweight butler who is always bent over looking at cute shoes, and walks with a double limp.

Thanks for the chance to live above my destiny.... I need to go practice saying, "Yes Madame, how may I serve you?"


CJ Ward a.k.a. Fiesty Charlie

BSuze said...

Ooooo, pick me, pick me!

I am SO out of shape and absolutely uncertain how this whole single-mom-working-full-time thing is going to let me find time to work out. Wii Fit was already on my Christmas list, but the parents have decided no presents among the adults this year and, well, let's just say the 6-year-old's $37 that she so firmly holds in her little wallet ain't going toward anything for me.

So, see a Wii Fit would potentially allow me to get my butt in gear without stressing out about how to make exercise part of my life again....and maybe, just maybe I'd look better enough this would lead to a date with an actual man!

Don't you love the way I project? :-)

Kris said...

OK, so ignoring the fact that I could desperately use the Wii Fit myself... I actually own a Wii already and am quite sick of my 2 year old beating me at baseball when I'm not even trying to let him win. So really, we're good with the Wii...

I actually would like to enter a friend of mine. She is a single mother of 2 kids... a 2 year old boy who is already in therapy for autism, and a 2 month old daughter. 2 weeks after she found out she was pregnant, she also found out that her husband was cheating on her.

Her little boy LOVES to play our Wii, and of course, we are happy to share as often as possible... but their own Wii would be a great Christmas present, when it doesn't appear that Santa will be stopping at their house this year.

I would love to give my friend this gift for Christmas. Pick me!!!
(my email is thisendlesslove at

Wii Big Man ( said...

October 30, 1999 was a GREAT day for me...I weighed approximately 175 lbs, had a decent job in NYC and was getting married to my now wife. But, like many things in life, the bliss did not last for too much longer...or at least for my waistline, that is. Although it has been 9 years since we've been married, I have chinked away at the body that I thought was going to eventually spring back into shape and flabbed my way into a nearly 300 lb. body. Picture this, now...I am about 5'8 and I weight nearly 300 lbs.

Yep, I am nearly 300 lbs in weight today.

A good thing to bear in mind about me is that even though I am 300 lbs in weight, I am actually quite active for a fella my size. heck, I can move around like a dude who's 250 lbs in weight...! Not bad for a guy that turned 37 a few months ago.

How could I have let this happen...? I've played sports pretty much the first 20 years of my life (soccer, baseball, football, volleyball) and was actually pretty darn good - heck, I even made all state in soccer. Well, if my soccer buddies could see me now...!

Better yet, let's NOT let them see me now.

I keep telling myself that I can get back to 'my fighter's weight'...get back to getting those compliments that my mother-in-law used to throw out by calling me something of a George Clooney...!(...WHAT??!....I can accept this as 'truth' b/c she never told me this herself - it was something my wife told me)...get back to the time where I could play a pick-up game of soccer and not get winded after the first few minutes...but the call of work and life keep getting in the way.

Yeah, I could blame it on my age, my responsibilities, my work, etc., but they're all excuses. Before my Dad passed away in 2002 (at a far too young age - cancer got a hold of him), he was not only thin, but in INCREDIBLE shape. His father, my grandfather, at the age of 85, is still not only tending to his garden, but still able to do some roof work every now and then to earn some 'extra spending money' for the Holidays.

So, you see, I have some proving to do...
* to my wife
* to my old soccer buddies
* to my grandfather
* to my father's memory
* to myself

My personal goal is to lose at least 100 lbs before our 10-year anniversary on Oct 30, 2009.

Keeping that in mind, one thing I can assure you is that from 'coyly' playing around on the wii system at GameStop this past weekend, choosing me as the recipient of the system will be a great INVESTMENT. I will
* burn calories while providing some serious enjoyment for my nieces and nephews (it helps when you throw out self awareness in this case)
* share this system with my wife, who is on her own journey of getting back to her runner's weight - won't say how much she wants to lose, but will say that after looking at some old videos of previous vacations, she is KEYED UP to getting to her goal.
* be open to sharing my progress on the investment, as we move along in 2009.

And so, I bid you a fond farewell and look forward to seeing who gets chosen, if not me - the Wii Big Man (

Paige Jennifer said...

“I’m big boned,” my older sister announced as she steered the car across the intersection.

“No you’re not,” I balked. “You’re 5’8” and a size 4.”

“But I’m not skinny-skinny,” she defended.

“Yes you are. I’m four inches shorter and four sizes larger. You were blessed with dad’s height and I got Aunt Ida’s Russian Peasant hips.”

“I have hips. And for the record, I also got Dad’s nose.”

“Your hips measure the same as one of my thighs. And, your nose was professionally fixed, Ms. Deviated Septum, twenty years ago. Plus, I got Grandma Fran’s cellulite while you got dad’s metabolism.”

“I have cellulite. See?” she said as she pointed to one lone dimple on her thigh.

“That isn’t cellulite; it’s a shadow. Don’t make me strip out of my pants right here on Peachtree Street to show you some cellulite. Cause lord knows I'll do it.”

“My boobs sag. There!”

“I wonder if ‘provoked by ridiculous comments’ is an acceptable defense for murder.”

“Ooh, Starbucks - interested?”

“Yeah, but only a frap-light. I’d rather have chemicals than calories.”

This, ladies, isn't about genetics but about proving genetics wrong. Sure I want to be thinner. I want my legs to be lean and my stomach to be flat. More importantly, I want to show up at the beach in March and prance circles around my sister. I love that girl to death but for once I want to be known as the skinny sibling. Just this once! said...

I don't really know what a Wii but I'm pretty sure I need one. I'm a 49 year old woman with a five year old. I need a serious infusion of hip.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Okay, so I had this baby? Like 6 months ago? And I'm not sure but I think I weigh more now than I did when I first took her home from the hospital. But if you tell anyone that I'll hunt you down and beat you with my scale.

Also, it's almost winter and I'm allergic to the cold so I won't be going outside to exercise. Anything lower than 68 degrees and I break out in hives. I'm also allergic to the gym and all things gym related so I won't be going there either. I even made my husband put our elliptical trainer in the basement because it was making my skin itch.

And I do everything my TV tells me to do and rarely go more than ten yards away from my couch. So if Wii Fit was hooked up to the television I would totally get in shape. Yeah. Totally.

chicky chicky baby at hotmail dot com

Bridget Pilloud said...

Give the wii to the disabled single mom in New England. Her life makes mine look like a freaking paradise.

Chris Moody said...

So I've subtracted 50 pounds over the last four months with traditional means. As I plateau and plan for the next notch...I could really benefit from Wii Fit.

I'm just getting used to Twitter, but if I was to win...I'd love to Tweet about my experience with the Wii Fit and keep my Followers up to date on my progress.

This has been done on a blog before, but I think it would be cool to take that venture to Twitter and I would love to do that!

Barchbo said...

I'm with Bridget! Between the single mom with a heart condition, the woman who wants to win it for her friend, and the people that want to get a start on losing significant weight - wow! Can't wait to see who turns out to be the lucky winner!

Great contest, Mamma!

Shalet said...

Okay. I'll try to make this short and sweet. About a year ago I started having major heart palpitations and supraventricular tachycardia. I'd be sitting on the couch and my heart would suddenly start beating 200 beats per minute. I ended up in the emergency room and was given medication to actually stop my heart and revert it to its normal rhythm. Aaaack. I never ever anticipated having heart problems in my mid-thirties.

In February I had a surgical procedure, a cardiac ablation, to eliminate some cardiac cells that were behaving inappropriately. The tachycardia stopped but the palpitations worsened. They were especially bad at night. It felt as if my heart were leaping out of my chest. Each time I went to bed I wasn't sure I'd be there in the morning. As a mother of three this was a horrible feeling.

My doctor gave me the all clear to exercise but I was also terrified my heart couldn't handle it. Finally I realized I had no choice. I started slow - walking/jogging on the trail. My muscles hurt. I could barely breathe but my heart loved it. I had that a-ha moment where I realized I have to exercise. I have to! And so I started training for a triathlon which I completed in July.

With exercise my palpitations all but stopped and I felt human again. I no longer feared death every time I went to sleep. But I've been having trouble fitting exercise into my schedule. My palpitations are coming back. My preschool daughter is home with me during the day (I work nights). Where I live it is getting cold and it gets dark early. Exercising outside is very difficult and we do not have a gym membership.

And here is where the Wii Fit comes in. The Wii FIt would give me the flexibility to exercise at home. And not only could I exercise, I could have fun and do it with my family! I want to teach my kids by example with the hope that they won't have to go through what I did.

For me exercise = life. The Wii Fit will give me my life back and make sure my children have a mother for years to come.

ender said...

to be perfectly honest, i was WAY looking forward to this. i've been wanting a wii fit for ages. i promised myself one if i finally got a job - but after 16 months of unemployment and emergency "put your leg back together" surgery, i just have too many bills to go out and get a wii fit.

and then i read the 41 comments that came before me ... and as much as i want to use the wii fit (and eventually get the shaun white snowboarding game since i can't actually go snowboard this season) in the mornings before work and drop this extra weight ...

... well, i can wait and get myself a wii fit later on. maybe this summer. how could i possibly take one away from the folks who've already posted? makes me wish there was more than just the one to hand out - too many people could use it.

kris said...


Stimey said...

Wow, you have some loooooong comments there. Here's mine:

I have been wanting a Wii for a long time. I want the Wii, but I mostly want it for the Wii Fit. I need to get more active, and I want to help my kids be more active. This means that I'm buying a tetherball set for the family this year. Because it's cheaper and it's outdoorsy and it's good healthy fun. But my kids and I also really like video games. And I'd love for them to get in the habit of getting more exercise while playing video games than yelling at each other that, "No! It's my turn to be Princess Leia on Lego Star Wars!" (They're all boys, of course.)

It looks like you had fun at your Wii Fit party. I so wish I could have made it. Someday I'll be caught up enough on work to leave my house. :)

Michele said...

So... After 10 years of marriage, I've finally come home after working outside the home all that time. Suddenly, I have some open time to arrange. That's just... Bizarre. But I would love to start figuring out how to get fit. The Wii and the WiiFit are both a little outside the budget, so I wanted to throw my hat into the ring. As for how it would fit my lifestyle - truly, I'm wanting something a little less hardcore, and a little more noob friendly, as I haven't worked out in... Well years.

becky said...

okay, so I lost my baby weight after the baby was born... and then I put it all back on again. I NEED more exercise, but can't always get out of the house for a nice, long walk. Would love a Wii Fit. And maybe it would even entertain the baby?

Jozet at Halushki said...

If I were to be so lucky to win the Wii, I'd give it to my 70 year old mother.

First, I have no idea what to buy the woman.

Second, it would keep her in shape so that should could continue to visit me and WASH MY WINDOWS like she did yesterday.

Third, she is living on my dad's pension from a local electric company and it would serve them right for the rate increase if my mother would live another 30 years at least.

Fourth, I would visit her more often. So yes, I am a scoundrel, but c'mon...the more I visit her, the less she visits me and WASHES MY WINDOWS.

Thank you.

Jozet at Halushki said...

Uh...actually, I think that reason number four was a bad reason for me winning the Wii. So strike that. I want clean windows. So I'll give the Wii to my sister because she needs some other sort of exercise than birthing goats. Girl's got serious goat hand.

Tom D. said...

The Wii Fit will fit into our family's life because while we're relatively new to the whole video game thing, the Wii seems the most family oriented of all the systems. The idea, I'm thinking, is that we can play together AND exercise (because I would be lying if I said we couldn't use a lot more of that!) and have a lot of fun before the kids become too-cool eyerolling tweens and refuse to acknowledge our existence!

(my email is

Lacy said...

I am a stay at home mother of three great kids. During my last pregnancy, I experienced a recurrence of a blood disorder that affected me as a teenager. The only treatment that did not affect the baby was steroids, lots and lots of steroids. As a result, I gained about 70 pounds in the last two months of my pregnancy. I have just recently been able to stop taking the steroids, and now can begin to lose all of the extra weight. However, as a stay at home mom, I don't have the extra money for a gym membership or for a babysitter to watch my kids while I work out. I live in Missouri and its too cold outside to work out, and the nearest indoor place to walk is 37 miles away. A Wii and Wii Fit would really help me to get back in shape, to feel better, and to have more fun with my kids. Please consider me for this giveaway, I really need it to get better, feel better, and be a better mother and wife!!!

Lacy said...

Forgot my email,

Jason said...

As a Dad who commutes over 4 hours a day to/from work, I use most of my free time to be with my wife and two children. So exercise has gotten sacrificed. The wii would allow me to spend time with my family while getting in some exercise. The only negative about the wii is that I can't take it to the bathroom with me.

Kelli said...

There are two things you need to know about me:

1 - Unlike yourself, I'm not very I'm really praying that you randomly choose people rather than choose the very funny and witty comments I've read so far :)

2 - My butt is really big and could use this wii in the worst way :)

LOVE your blog!


Seriously Mama said...

#1 My daughter is now almost 21 months old. People are starting to doubt my "baby weight" excuse.

#2 My son is now almost 4. That baby weight excuse totally doesn't work anymore when he is with me. I wonder if I could stick him in the sling and still use the baby weight excuse? Hmmm...

#3 I have already lost 30 pounds thanks to Weight Watchers and my treadmill. Can you imagine the excuses I couldn't use when I loose another 30 with the Wii?

#4 I cannot have anything but a rockin' bod when I show up in Chicago next summer.

#5 My husband and I are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary in May. 10 years of Peanut Buster Parfaits are not cute. Wii me into that rockin' dress I can't wait to wear in Vegas.


Jenna said...

This would be excellent for both myself and my husband. I want to get back in shape from having the little ones and am just having a hard time doing it. The Wii Fit would be something that Kelsie could play along and "copy" me while I use it.

The husband has set a New Year's Resolution to lose weight. His family has weight related health issues and he's said that he doesn't want to end up with the same issues his dad is now having. I think the Wii Fit would be a great gift for him and would be an incentive in itself to keep him motivated to work out.

And hey, I'd like to prove to him I could stand on the balance board longer than him :-P

Thanks for the great oppurtunity!

jenna at loveofbabyonline dot com

PunditMom said...

Well, since PunditGirl is adopted, I can't blame anything on baby weight! ;O But I have been thinking that as she is approaching her 9th b-day, it would be a good thing to start on a little exericise regimen that the two of us can share -- helping her realize that daily activity is part of a healthy lifestyle and using that as an excuse to lose the few pounds I've been trying to ditch for 5 years.

punditmom1 at gmail dot com

Lucy@ Glow Mama said...

Wii are not the neediest nor chubbiest family here today…

But both our clothes and budgets are tight this season.

If we could chose one gift for Santa to bring us to play…

It'd be a Wii Fit and here's our reason…

Wii work hard every day to tighten our buckles…

Wii are good parents, eco, on diets, and volunteers.

But if there’s one thing this family needs it’s a good chuckle…

And watching DH do the hoola-hoop will bring me to tears.

Wii used to be competitive back in the ages…

Challenges now involve diapers, pooh & cries.

Wii think ski jumping will bring back the wagers…

And the positive side effect of lower BMIs.

If I could fit the skinny jeans DH would be floored…

And I would love to see the look on his face

As I wiggle in yoga poses on the balance board…

Mind you, that’s what got us in this pickle in the first place!

So please Santa (aka Mamma) hear us plead…

Wii need a good laugh to reunite

From toddles and babies wii need to be freed…

Wii Fit will give us a good reason to fight!


One Godess said...

reason one:
i just wrote out my plea, and it disappeared!
reason two:
i am sooo out of shape, and i just quit smoking, have you heard it said that it is harder to quit smoking, than to quit heroin? i have been trying for yeeeaaars!
reason three:
in march i am co-chaperoning a spring break trip to europe with a group of highschool boys, we are going to southern italy, and greece, where the women are all beautiful, i am now 38, and nature is winning an ugly battle, please give me a chance to hold onto some of what is quickly disappearing.
and of course i need to be able to keep up with the boys! i have to be able to outrun them!
reason four:
now here i will play a little dirty pool, my husband and i are trying to reconnect after coming to a final discussion of divorce.

okay, let's try this angle: don't pick me, there are so many more deserving people out there!

mr. big dubya said...

There once was a soldier so fit
But after 10 years and three kids he'd pretty much quit
But a blogger he knows
Can cure all his woes
By picking him for the Wii Fit

Apparently, in addition to muscle atrophy, inertia also contributes to humor atrophy. We all now that fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, but I figured if I had a sense of humor and good comedic timing I might just be able to eke by. Based on my comment thus far, I would be surprised if you were even tee-heeing, let alone laughing hard.

However, if you were to see Fit (look...clever use of product!) to award me the Wii, not only would I work on muscle tone but I would be able to strengthen that largest of muscles (heads out of the gutter people) - my brain - which God Wiilling (look - not so clever use of product) help me bring the funny back.

Wii all could use a Wii (worst use of product thus far - I'm almost as bad as a prop comic), but without the Wii Fit, there is a distinct possibility that I will end up looking like Jabba the Hutt and be about as funny as Pauly Shore. Then again, I think I'm halfway there.

Anonymous said...

OK, so I am not going to write a poem - that involves time and concentration that I just don't have right now. I'll just lay it out on the line for you here and now:

(1) The women on Biggest Loser are now smaller than I am. And I look at them and wonder if I look like them. Apparently I suffer from an Anti-anorexia-type body image where I still think I look 50 pounds lighter than I do.

(2) 4 children, 3 of which I birthed, one 8 months ago. 'Nuf said, right?

(3) I would love to go to a gym, but I live in the middle of nowhere, seriously. Like there are haybales next to my house.

(4) My son has serious health problems that limits our ability to go out in public. It also means that coming by a babysitter is difficult and I do so only for medical appointments.

(5) I know this was supposed to be funny, but I don't feel like being the chubby funny girl right now. I'm out of breath and can't paint my toes without some serious stretching first. It isn't funny.

(6) I will use the wii & wii fit. I have tried many times to find something that I can do in my home, but find that I need more personal motivation. I'm hoping that a fat avitar and the fitness level thingee on wii fit will be the motivation I've lacked. My blog will soon reflect my dieting and I would like to include some exercise.

(7) If you don't chose me, can you send Bob or Jillian over here? I could use a serious butt-kicking.

Lumpyheadsmom said...

My husband is worried he exceeds the recommended weight limit for the Wii Fit. A bit of a chicken/egg problem, no?

Let me throw in an entry for my dad. He was in a bowling league for years - every Wednesday night when I was growing up. He has battled rheumatoid arthritis since I was in high school; today Dad is not able to hold a bowling ball - his fingers have been deformed by the disease - and is not strong enough to throw a ball down the lane.

Lumpyhead got a Wii for his birthday. (Long story. But we think he's too young for it, so he doesn't know it exists.)

On Thursday night, thanks to his grandson's Wii, my dad was able to bowl for the first time in 20 years. He was almost giddy, and his reaction to bowling again was thrilling to watch. Now the minute Lumpyhead goes to bed, Dad starts pestering us to BOWL!

He needs his own damn Wii.

Meghan said...

What a great giveaway.
Thanks for the chance to win.

I so want a Wii fit. I asked my 3 boys & one large man child for one the other night & they all laughed at me.
Of course, last night, my dh took a candid pic of me & I saw it.
That was me you saw with the handlers in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
I gave birth 2 yrs ago to an 11 pounder & immediately lost all the weight.
BUT within 2 mos it all came back & then some.

I have heard such great things about the Wii & thought this might be the perfect thing for me. Anything should help.
I definitely need it b/c you know you have a weight problem when your 2 yr old lifts up the back of shirt, slaps your back fat & says "Boobies!" Sigh.

Anywho, thanks again for the chance~~!

mkw70 (at) comcast (dot) net

hellokittiemama said...

I'm a fat mama of 2 kids, one with autism and I just had to cancel my gym membership because it was too expensive to pay per month for the limited amount of times that I could break away and get there. I want to put away the fat pants.

hellokittiemama at gmail dot com

2KoP said...

I've been watching exercise programs and fitness infomercials on TV for years with no visible weight loss or improvement in my fitness level. Turns out just watching and exercising your thumb with the clicker is not enough. You actually have to get your ass off the couch and move your body. Who knew?

I had the chance to try Wii Fit at a friend's house and it was fun. Exercise is not fun. Healthy, yes. Good for you, yes. But definitely not fun. I know Wii Fit could convince my addled brain and flabby body that exercise can be fun. And three boys would think I'm a goddess.

BTW, I had to show my driver's license to a guy yesterday. I've renewed it several times by mail and after he read my weight, he looked at me and laughed out loud. Yikes!

Here's my email link. Thanks.

New Mama's Nest said...

Before baby I was a serious yoga junkie 2 hours a day almost every day. After he was born, well, I can probably identify each and every work out session I've attempted, what I was wearing and how it ended. Because for whatever reason EVERY time I get to it my little one decides I've given an open invitation to become a milking machine or a jungle gym. Ever try to nurse a toddler in downward dog? Lets just say it takes some of the namaste away...

Oh, and I ran up the stairs the other day and SWEAR my bum and thighs arrived a couple seconds after the rest of me.


ashleeallen at

Anonymous said...

Long shot of my post winning....


I had twin girls last year, I work full time which means I am out of my home for almost 12 hours a day. My husband is a student, and does not have a job so that makes me the primary bread winner. We live on a very fixed income, and cant really indulge.

I have no time to work out because of my hectic schedule, and still have baby weight to lose!

This could be a super fun way to work out and play with my girls!

Nette @ Smiling MOm said...

The truth: I banned video game consoles from our small house 7 years ago. My husband was none too pleased.

Now... I want a Wii fit. So if I win this contest I can kill 3 birds with one stone, so to speak.

1.Squeeze in some exercise time after my kids go to bed.

2. Make my husband Very Very HAPPY.

3. Earn myself a BJ free 2009!!

Because bring a Wii into my house would be that good!

Nette @ Smiling MOm said...

Oh shoot, my email... njkdonohue at gmail dot com (Nette @, comment above)

Feener said...

you need to pick me to win the wii fit. you see i am a muffia and in order to stay in my queen bee role, i need to keep my already perfect body in shape. i have already had a tummy tuck, and my boobs are f)(**^ perfect. i volunteer for everything, and make the freshest homemade baked goods every morning, i arrive at my daughter's preschool dressed as if I am going to be in a magazine shoot. Honestly, you all would hate me b/c i am perfect. Oh and my girls are usually in matching outfits with me, not perfect matching you know, just an accessory that really ties us all together. hubby looks like brad pitt makes a boat load of money but doesn't have to work, oh speaking of boats we have 5 and i can waterski better than any of the 15 year old boys in town.

SO YOU SEE I really need a free Wii fit to keep up with this lifestyle.

Feener at mommyvents

this was supposed to make you laugh so i can win the thing.

amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

my ass is fat but my heart is true
pick me and I promise to use it

A 'Wii Unemployed' said...

Ok, so I'm not your typical pathetic lazy fat ass mom. I'm a healthy, active CA mom of teenagers who wants to give her family a nice holiday surprise and well, stay active.

Ever heard of layoffs? Well, here's looking at the inside of a wine glass every night. The Wii products will keep me off the bottle. Do something for the economy - well my economy at least. Make a family smile this holiday season.

Ok, gotta get back to my job search. Brevity makes the world a better place. Begging isn't my style.

hollibobolli said...

I just want us to have something that requires more than just sitting like human lumps on pieces of furniture... Not that we couldn't go outside and move around - but I've only recently discovered every member of this house is a secret gamer... so I think it would really be something we could do together.

holiday hugs to you. xoxo

babyfaithblog at gmail dot com

Rayme Adzema said...

Does this version come with Wii Orgasm?

Seems like it already does everything else I need.

Marketing Mommy said...

Will it turn me into a MILF, changing my lifestyle altogether.

almaklein AT yahoo DOT com

Musings of a Housewife said...

I would so love to win this!! I would fit it into my lifestyle at night, most likely. It would be a great activity to use as a family, and hopefully we'd all get in shape with it. Lord knows we need it! :-)

dcrmom AT

KarenTV said...

I can't see my feet. I'm due TOMORROW with what is sure to be a 10 lb baby. Before I got pregnant, I hadn't lost the last 10 lbs of "baby weight" from my almost 5 year old. I'll combine the Wii with a new year's resolution, which I NEVER do, to get back to a semblance of my former self. Thanks. Karen

Justice Fergie said...

ok, i don't think anyone can beat the comment from the wife who said she almost had to blow her hubby on a street corner for a puppy, so i won't even try.

except to say that I might blow her hubby on a street corner if it would get me a free Wii and Wii Fit. ok not really, but it was worth a shot.

i'm really not usually this vulgar. honest.


Michelle said...

Well, there was an old lady, she lived in a shoe... she had so many sons, she didn't know what to do.

They needed their exercise, they needed to run... but their house was being landscaped, so for them there was none.

Their mother kept yelling, she tried all the tricks... but the boys, they were winning, they were taunting her just for kicks.

She tried catching them, she tried strapping them down... it was clear she was out of shape, it was clear she had slowed down.

She needed to exercise, she needed some fun... a Wii seemed like the answer, but she didn't have one.

Where could she find this Wii and Wii Fit? ... Clearly on 'Maybe Mammaloves', but only if they like her wit.

ChefDruck said...

A year ago, I gave up my membership to the local gym and resigned myself to only working out from home. Attempting to work out in public was just too dangerous. I reached this conclusion after one particularly bad bounce class. I had always been one of those people who go left when everyone else goes right in aerobics. Not only did I always miss the beat, but I frequently bumped into others, causing entire lines of hardbodies to collapse. I took it a step further when a trampoline was involved. I'll spare you the ugly details, but let me just say that I tripped, the trampoline tipped, and almost hit my neighbor.

Soooo... I make a plea for the Wii Fit as it would be so nice to do something other than the treadmill in my house.

And it would continue to make the world a safer place.

vdruckman at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Well, with a name like Wii Fit I'm gonna take that as a promise that We will all be fit once we have one! I'm looking for a great excuse to get the family started on a regular exercise routine--nothing like free game equipment to at least get everyone excited. I have two daughters--my family could challenge your family to a little Wii rivalry! A little competition goes a long way ;)

valmg said...

The wii fit is one of the few things that my older son wants for Christmas that I so wish I could get him. But hubby was out of work for two months and we just don't have the money. He has decided since Santa didn't bring stuff from his list last year that there's no point in writing a list for Santa because there is no Santa. Now hubby just started a job, at night, so we never see him. And when we do he's sleeping or cranky. So me and my two boys are getting closer thanks to the quantity of alone time we're sharing. I am overweight. I'd like to do more with my son but sometimes that's just not an option physically. I need to exercise but am starting to have problems with my knee, hip and lower back that prevent me from getting around without lots of pain. I want to be a healthier, more fun Mom for my boys. I have got to get some of the weight off. So, all seriousness aside.

My son would love the wii fit and all of the games, especially the physical and sporting ones. He'd go crazy for any boarding ones. See, he's awesome at all video games and not too bad at sports either. If we won here's how it would work. On the first day my son would disappear into his room for a couple of hours. He'd come out and ask me to play. Wanting to be the good Mom I try to be, I'd tell him I'd try. I'd probably start with some gentle yoga. My legs would cramp and I'd do poorly. I'd want to stop playing after 5 minutes. My son would get my interest by somehow making the wii remotes smell like baked goods. I'd get up and try to play again. Maybe a nice basic run this time. What do you mean I can't do the run with a jazzy! Five minutes more and I'd be tiring easily and hubby would be snickering at me. Having had carpal tunnel for a while and being so weak from all of this physical exertion I'd probably lose my grip on my remote and it would fly out of my hand, hitting hubby in the side of his head and knocking him to the ground. Unfortunately, I wouldn't notice he was down there because let's face it, I haven't seen my feet in years, so I'd trample him. Wait, don't get carried away and call the police, of course it was an accident. I thought we were starting basic step. Now panting and struggling to continue, my son would motivate me by putting food on the tv to keep me up and moving. Getting my second wind I dare my son to try and beat me at the hula hoop. After all I was a young girl once so I know how to do that. Oh yeah, I can do this one. It feels good to swing my hips. Didn't I used to move my hips more when I was skinny? Hmm. What was that noise. Damn, I've knocked the lamp off of the table. I'm losing. Badly. No doubt by now all of this exercise that my body just isn't used to is going to have opened up some pockets of, well, gas. My son hates gas, never gets it. So I have a little opportunity during the lunges and leg extensions to make up some ground. I decide I am brave enough to try either soccer heading or the ski jump. They're painful and somehow I'm combining them with a torso twist. I have forgotten what goes up must come down. And what gravity pushed towards my knees years ago has finally decided to join the party. Suddenly I'm blind! What the hell has happened? OMG my left breast just hit me in the eye! Holy cow! I've been hit by the other side! Bruises appearing by the second I change to the ski slalom. I need a break. I put the game on pause for a couple of minutes. I hardly realize that my son has stopped playing and is collapsed on the floor, in tears, laughing, pointing at my fat ass. It seems that it's still moving. At that point my son concedes. I've defeated my son! It may not be the sporting way but hey, I won.

Santa please bring us a wii fit!

Anonymous said...

I saw this a few days ago and wrote a post but did not put it through because I did not think I was any more deserving than anyone else but some things happened in the last few days that make me think the wii fit could save christmas.

I am a single mom devoted to my son (he's 5). He is spending Christmas with his father who lives 400 miles away. He has a good relationship with him but he has become less and less involved since he split 1.5 years ago.

I found out today that he will be having a baby in February with his girlfriend and he plans on telling my son on Christmas. I am devestated. My son nor I even new there was a girlfriend much less this.

He had promised me $100 of his Christmas bonus to get my son's Christmas gifts. He told me tonight he needs it for the baby.

The wii fit could save Christmas, my son and I could work out and spend time together. He would love the balance games and such and I could get back into shape.

I do not know how to get my email on here so I will type it out and hope that I am not spammed. It is mistycoupon1 at yahoo dot com. I have another email but am hesitant to make it public. I wish everyone luck.
Merry Christmas

Shannanb aka Mommy Bits said...

I would love a Wii Fit! I've been blogging over at Cincinnati Losers for 15 weeks and I've been stalled for over a month. A Wii Fit would be just the thing I need to get through the last 15 lbs I have to go to get back to my pre-baby weight. It would be amazing!

Sarah Auerswald said...

I would so love to win a Wii Fit! I think the best way to get me to be more active and keep me being active is for the exercise to be FUN! And the Wii Fit sure looks FUN!

SAuerswald AT ca DOT rr DOT com

Kailani said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Caryn Bailey said...

I'd like a Wii fit because it is cheaper, safer and way more fun than cosmetic surgery! Besides...exercise isn't just about the way you's about the way you feel...and I'd feel soooo good exercising with the Wii Fit!
I could get rid of my gym membership...
I could work out at home when my son falls asleep and not worry about child care.

: )

jasonncaryn at yahoo dot com

Thien-Kim aka Kim said...

Oh boy, the competition is fierce!

Well they say that nookie burns calories, but chasing a 3 year old around all day makes for a tired mama. And a sad hubby. and sometimes sad mama.

So with the Wii I can wear out my child when it's too cold or god save me, like the last 3 days, she's been too sick to go out. If she's worn out from the Wii (and hopefully I'll get a chance to play with it too), she'll be so exhausted and go to bed early.

Meanwhile, I'll be all fit and sexy from my Wii workouts. And after the kiddo is asleep, can sneak in some nookie to burn some bonus calories.

I have reputation to uphold. Can't be the lady peddling romance goodies and not have energy for "research & development," right?

Daisy Duke said...

Lets chat. Lets chat about how this summer I had to study for the bar exam after graduating from law school (you would think, I dunno, completing law school would be enough) and during said three months of horrible-ness the only thing that kept me going was the thought of a cupcake at the end of the day. And those cupcakes added up, along probably with all the lattes and now, I'm looking at myself and my suits that I have to wear to my job that, lo and behold, barely pays me enough to pay my rent (law school = not the dream they advertise it to be) and I'm realizing these suits don't look so hot with the cupcake/latte weight. Combined with the fact that said low-paying job makes me stay there until awfully late, I've been pining/coveting for a WiiFit with a thought that FINALLY, something I can do in my OWN LIVING ROOM. That doesn't include skinny lawyers with high paying jobs looking at me with pity in their eyes while I try to not fall off the treadmill (did I mention my coordination isn't perfect?). So that is why I really really really would enjoy a WiiFit. Because law school is evil & the root of all the world's problems.

Taylor Blue said...

I would love to win this. I am 33 and I stay at home with the kids plus I write at home.

A couple years ago I was given a week left to live and to save me I had to be put on steroids. I gained 50 lbs in 3 months. Now, that I am feeling better I have been looking for a program to help me lose that weight I just can't seem to get rid of. I would love to lose my steroid weight with the Wii fit.

Everyday I see myself looking different and I hate it. I am so upset that the steroids made me like this. I have even nicknamed my belly my steroid belly because people think I am pregnant. It's horrible that it had to happen but now I want to change it.

Help me let me feel myself again. :)

Annika said...

I can tell you exactly how the wii fit would fit into my life: my 2-1/2-year-old will think it is for him, despite the fact that he is in prime physical condition and can kick my ass and his dad's ass simultaneously with both arms tied behind his back. He will use it as a step to enable him to climb on top of the television. On the plus side, once he's up there I can use it to get some exercise. On the negative side, as soon as I am doing some complicated balancing thing he will leap from the top of the television onto my head. Honestly, it will not be much different from our lives now, except that my TV will be telling me that I am overweight and unfit. AWESOME. (Email = noirbettie at gmail.)

Haasiegirl said...

Two years ago, my dad, out of the blue at only 46 years old (he had me at 17 years old), ended up in the hospital for diverticulitis. While he was there, he got a staph infection and nearly died. He spent 3 months in the hospital and was a Realtor and during the time, all his listings were pulled from him.

When he got out, after having a portion of his intestines removed, he had not only the long recovery of getting his business back, but also his body was never going to be the same.

As long as I can remember, my dad has always went to the gym and even been in body building competitions when he was younger.

Now his stomach, where he had surgery, was bent over and the scars so deep that it looked like a woman who had a Csection many times over. His once strong muscles were nothing.

I know that it took a lot of his pride away from him. I know he felt emotionally battered and financially drained.

But my dad is a fighter. He had me at 17 and raised me, without my mom, to be a strong, independant woman that went to college and got a degree.

NOw, two years later, he is looking better, and although his stomach will never be the same, he has steadily went to the gym again, now going 7 days a week and will be competing in a body building competition in the fall-just to prove that he can do it again.

I would love to win not for me, but to give it to him. He has been through SO much and I really think something like this would be a fun way for him to come home and exercise, rather then having to stress his body at the gym every day of the week.

We are so proud of him and grateful he is in our lives. I love my dad like a best friend.

I looked for a Wii fit but have not been able to find one at the store becuase the consols are all gone. It would be fulfilling my dream to give him this for christmas.

I would be honored to be chosen and thrilled to win.


Haasiegirl said...

and my address is

Christopher said...

Pick me, pick me :)

How will the Wii Fit become a part of my life? How will it not?!

I really do want to workout, but the streets of D.C. force me to lock myself in 24/7. Ok ok, so maybe I do live in a neighborhood next to a few congressman, but honestly, they're the reason I stay in!

The Wii Fit also will allow the kids I'll have in the next decade to have a video game console that is positive -- I promise to keep the Wii forever and ever ;) It'll also bring all my snobby Washintonian friends together and hopefully humble a few of them, and most importantly, I half Japanese :) What does that mean exactly? I dunno.

Well, if you don't pick me, great blog :)

Anonymous said...

*raises hand* ME ME ME not only because I want one but because that way I can't hear from my boyfriend "No, I'm not getting you a Wii! Its too expensive and you don't need it!" Winning one will just piss him off more then anything. When I get one I WILL challenge him to faceoffs! That is without a doubt!

Okay, I know some people will see this and be like "OMG, why would she need one? she is like 105lbs wet blah blah blah blah.." Its not like only a certain group of people need to exercise! I'm trying to quit smoking and want to replace it with something healthy and frankly it has to be FUN for me to stick with it! The Wii is basically the answer to my smoking problem. I've cut back on smoking but haven't quit yet... I HAVE TO QUIT!!!

And let us not forget the faceoffs with my children! I MUST beat my oldest daughter because we are so competative with each other! AND its a good way to get my 3 children off their butts (well unless you are playing that bunny something game which i can't remember the name of right now but you are on your butt for that one) instead of playing that thumb hurting annoying XBox we have. Granted we have a Nintendo DS which I LOVE and a Nintendo GameCube that I LOVE... *props to SSX Tricky the game.. <--love it also!*

Either way, I do think that Nintendo did a great job of getting people off the floor breaking their thumbs and moving their bodies! Absolutely FANTASTIC!

Grimm said...

Want to see a 300-pound man move his body in ways the no mere mortal should (or want to for that matter)?

Then I am your man.

The wife and I are on a mission to lose 150 pounds together in the next year and are willing to document our trials and triumphs of our journey using the Wii Fit through video updates on our respective blogs.

We may even let our daughter use it. Maybe.

So not only will we tell you how much use we will get out of it, we will throw our street cred of athletic and coordinated individuals out of the window and prove it to the world online...

Or kill ourselves trying.

My money is on the latter.

Fear not, the medical insurance is all paid up to date.

And Wii will not hold you liable for any disabilities that may come from our lack of coordination. Wii promise.



BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Oh my gosh I would love this. I'll be 40 next August and although I'm not in horrific shape I certainly need to exercise more. Or just plain exercise at all to be more realistic.

Here is my sob story. 2007 was the year of the boob cancer testing for me. I had a biopsy in March and was fine but then had a lumpectomy in November and was also fine but it was a year of ups and downs and stress for me and I vowed to take better care of my body.

I'd love to use the Wii fit. I think my girls would love it, too. My husband also works like a maniac and was told by his doctor to lose weight since his cholesterol is high and he's under a lot of stress.

So basically we are stressed out couch taters and I want to kick 40 in the ass next year!


Anonymous said...

This is my year - I spent the first 5 months everyday with my dad in the hospital. He had fallen and had a massive brain injury. He was 80 years old, but he started to get old much earlier because our family doesn't have the "get fit" gene. Watching him slowly die (which he did in May) broke my heart in ways I never thought possible.

I know that in this life you get lots of chances and if you are lucky to make the best of them. It is important to me that I don't follow in his path - his health was so deteriorated in the last years that it was a struggle. I don't want to be like that.

I have been trying to exercise on my own, but the joy of it escapes me. It seems like such a chore - one that isn't fun. I think that with the gift of a Wii I could see what joy was really like and get fit - or at least have some fun trying.

It's been a really tough year and this would just make the difference - or at least be the chance that I can take to make a better life for myself while there is still time.

Thanks for the contest and for the consideration.


moosh in indy. said...

So this is actually a comment for my best friend, Kim over at
She's constantly annoying me with her "I'm such a fat heifer comments"
She watched me TAKE the BlogHer record for HulaHoop and she was green with envy. GREEN. I am the Wii Fit Hula Hoop MASTER. She wants to be just like me. (My record was never broken BTW. All weekend.) I also broke the record at the Wii booth at the Indiana State Fair.
You want to be just like me too.
Kim hates to work out, but whoo she'd love a Wii.
And I'd tell her my biggest Wii secret of all.
Don't want to have to take turns with your husband?
She'd be fit in no time flat. (No pun intended)

Genie said...

I can't throw down a sob story. I'm not a single fact, I'm not any kind of Mom at the moment...and I haven't been laid off and I don't work at home and I do not weigh 300 pounds.

But I might, soon, because I've moved to the Bay Area, where all the food is good and it's always in season and everyone goes out to eat. And I'm single, and I'm starting to come to grips with the fact that I am no longer 22.

Well, my mental age might still be 22, but my metabolism is starting to approach 40. Or maybe 50. Depending on the day.

But imagine...with a Wii Fit, I will be able to begin working toward my only hope of ever finding a lasting, loving relationship: I have no choice but to become...A Cougar.

Unfortunately, if I don't lose some weight, I will be mistaken for a Double Cougar. And that's before my targeted gentleman of a younger age even picks up his third drink.

Besides, as an Official Cougar, I will need to have fun toys at home with which to lure those younger gentleman back to my pad. You know, toys like the Wii. "Honey, why don't you come back to my place and...jump rope with me. I promise I'll let you win this time."

genie (at) theinadvertentgardener (dot) com

YatPundit said...

looks like y'all had a blast at the party! my boys could use Wii Fit, since they spend too much time on Guitar Hero :-)

ZenMom said...

Oh, I would LOVE this. I was just telling The Husband the other day how great it would if we could afford a Wii and the whole Wii fit package so that we could all "play" together as a family.

As a working mom to two little boys, I'm learning how hard it can be to make time for healthy activity for all of us.

In the Summer, we try to go out to the playground or for a walk whenever we can for a bit of play and exercise.

But, in the winter, I'm afraid we are couch potatoes. I hate going out in the cold weather - especially having to bundle up the boys. :)

With the Wii fit, we could have some healthy play INDOORS! AND maybe Mommy could get in a bit of me-time exercise after the boys are in bed.

I think this would be a great motivator to stay fit and healthy - and it would set a good example for my kids, too.

I know I don't have much chance of winning. But I think it's great that you are doing this. Thanks.

Christina said...

[To the tune of The Beverly Hillbillies Theme]

Come and listen to a story of a girl named… me
This last year, well, we grew our family (adoption, but STILL)
Then one day when I stepped upon the scale
I realized that I’d become a friggin’ whale.

Orca whale
Chubby fool
buffet bar (wth, I know. IT RHYMED.)

Well the first thing you know I slipped into a funk
My clothes got kind of tight and I retreated like a monk
I took walks around the park to get some exercise
But I haven’t lost much weight and that rubbing sound’s my thighs.

So now it’s time to say to you that I would like a Wii
If I won the Wii and Fit I think that I might pee
You’re all so kind to host this contest regardless of who wins
But if you choose me I promise to lose at least a couple chins.

Y’all can pick me, y’hear?


Okay, in all seriousness - I’d integrate this into my life by using the Fit during the kids’ naptimes and/or after they go to bed. I’ve put on weight since we’ve had both the babies (14 mos & 17 mos) because I’m not getting out to the gym anymore. I’m a stay-at-home mom - my husband is gone 13-14 hrs a day - and if I’m going to be here by myself when they’re sleeping, I think it would be FUN to exercise. Plus, I need to get more fit because carrying their heavy little bods is starting to take a toll.

Lala said...

I took my teenager out to play badminton the other night and he was gleeful for the opportunity to beat me at something. If I were to win a WII system he'd have many more opportunities to kick my ass. Wait, maybe this isn't such a good idea anyway........

Urban Mama said...

I wasn't sure if I wanted to post, because my reasons for wanting to lose weight aren't funny.

Two months ago, my mother died after fighting colon cancer for eight years. She's the second person in our family to die of colon cancer, which can be hereditary.

As I was searching through her files afterward, I found an odd collage of pictures of my siblings and me mixed with magazine clippings, play money and hand-written notes from my mother. It was one of those spiritual self-help, "wish list" exercises. She wished for us to have loving spouses, beautiful homes, successful careers, etc. But the pictures of me were pasted on the bodies of thin fitness models. Underneath she wrote: "This is Sandie happy because she's a healthy weight."

Finding that photo was such a heartbreaking shock. I knew my mother always wanted me to lose weight, but seeing that posterboard was horrifying. I looked at myself in the mirror and realized she was right. I need to do something this coming year to get to my true age's fitness level. I'm sick of looking 52 instead of 32.

So why do I need a Wii Fit? Because I need a way to work out at home (with three kids under 7 and a husband who's rarely home before 8:30, gym membership isn't feasible right now), so I can be healthy, not just for myself, but so I can ward off colon cancer and at the same time fulfill my mother's wish.

BS said...

Every year around the 1st of Jan, I promise myself that I will get busy and exercise. But to be honest, exercising by yourself just doesn't work and gyms are boring because all anyone does is work out - no conversation, just constant motion. If I had a Wii Fit, I wouldn't feel alone exercising and I wouldn't even have to leave the comforts of my home. I think I could finally get it done this Jan. 1st.

Mocha said...

Basically, it's all about the Ass.

I can't be blamed for my culturally-enhanced posterior, but I certainly can shield the world from it.

My ass is fine in size. The pants fit ok, but the shorts do not. The skirts hide their out-of-shapeness. A bikini would betray me.

Wii fit would fix all that. It would let me ski and pull up those round hocks until you could bounce a quarter off them. It would encourage me to try out some toning moves in yoga. It would throw some fast tennis balls at me to make me lunge and swing and bring about some tense, lean muscles.

So, if you have any compassion at all, you'll forgive me for liking the curves I've got and encourage me to tone them up. You'll possibly forgive me for wanting you to bounce quarters off my ass, too.

vicki said...

Wow...I love the idea of having FUN while getting in shape...I could be a GREAT guinnea pig!

My kids would go BONKERS

Toni-Lynn said...

OMG I really need to win this! lol I am one of the 6 Wii Fit Mommiis and I don't have one yet! :( It would definately get put to use! Thanks for the chance!

Find out about the Wii Fit Mommiis here!

info at grocerypricebooks dot com

Meg said...

I can't compete with these people. They are funny funny. Not just funny.

But I can blame you and your sister for being fat- butter on saltines? seriously?